Awarded to Teachers Based on Grant Applications

Grant Opportunities

The Education Foundation’s mission is to raise funds, foster academic development, invest beyond what tax dollars provide, develop teachers, encourage community involvement, and reward academic excellence.

Funds raised will be distributed in several ways. Instructional Support Grants will be awarded to teachers based on grant applications outlining the request and stated use of funds. The grants allow teachers to expand the resources available to students within the classroom.

The Education Foundation for Clinton City & Anderson County Schools provides a variety of services for Anderson County and Clinton City Schools. As a result of the success of the annual Clinton 5K, the Foundation is pleased to offer the opportunity to apply for Health and Wellness Grants to support the youth enrolled in Health and Wellness programs in both school systems.

One-time donations will assist schools with larger projects. The school systems need to upgrade computer technology, buy additional books and materials, provide equipment for science experiments and much more. Funds for these types of projects are very scarce, if available at all. Funds for such projects broaden students’ learning experiences and make them more consistent.

School Student with Technology

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