Instructional Support Grants

Awarded On A Yearly Basis Since 2006

Instructional Support Grants

The Education Foundation for Clinton City & Anderson County Schools provides a variety of services for Anderson County and Clinton City Schools. As a result of the success of a variety of fundraising and other grant awards, the Foundation is pleased to offer educators the opportunity to apply for funds to support instructional programs as long as grant funds are available.

Grant application windows close the 20th of each month (August, September, October, November, January, February, March, April).

Instructional Support Grant proposals will not be considered for funding after March 31 of each year. Instructional Support Grant proposals can be submitted beginning on July 1 of each year with the grant period ending the following year on March 31.

Apply for Instructional Support Grants

Please submit this completed document with attachments as required, to Vikki Burns at Grant award recipients will be notified by email within 10 days of submission/closing date for applications. Grant recipients will have reimbursement for purchases made directly to their school upon submission of documentation of their purchases approved in the grant.

If you prefer to download this application and complete it offline, please click here for Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word. Please submit completed proposal documents with any attachments to Vikki Burns at

Educators are eligible for one grant proposal per year for up to $1,000 per grant request. In the case of multiple grant proposals from one educator, only one proposal will be selected for funding through the Foundation per school year. The educator applying for the Instructional Support Grant must provide documentation as to how the grant award will improve/support instruction or enhance student learning. Grant funds awarded must be spent during the school year in which they were awarded. Grant funds cannot be carried over to another school year. Items purchased with grant funds become the property of the school designated in the grant proposal.

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